Top Games to Play on your Computer


The PC era has to offer quite some great options in terms of spending our spare time. And although many argue that many of the modern world’s problems are found in video games or online games, we are here to argue on their behalf. The present society’s issues don’t result from online games, they are driven by the uncertainty that governesses our era. On the other hand, online games are not only for relaxation purposes, but also for making an extra buck. Below we have some of the best computer games in our times.

Top Games to Play on your Computer

1. Online Bingo or Slots games

The number one online game in our top is slots. Many find a great pleasure in playing online bingo, and there are some prominent bingo sites with slots that offer plenty of alternatives, paired with some generous benefits. The vast number of options one has in terms of online slots comes in the advantage of finding what tickles their fancy. And fancy is quite the word to describe these web sites. The generous bonuses are present, but only on the reliable providing platforms out there. The player has the opportunity of increasing their income chances by developing a strong strategy. Also, when making the initial deposit, some of these websites offer the player the possibility of picking a prize they desire besides the normal bonus usually offered. Incredibly entertaining, these games come as an unwinding solution for the stressed and exhausted ones out there. Because the game is fairly easy to understand and accomplishing a reliable strategy usually comes easily, these games are perfect for those who truly want to forget about their daily issues, stressful jobs and demanding families. Specialists recommend using such online games as a relaxation manner, in order to improve one’s quality of life. Also, most of them are free, if you pick the perfect platform!

Top Games to Play on your Computer2

2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

On the second place, follows closely Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Warcraft is quite a popular game amongst millennials and some say is the perfect strategy game. We don’t know if it’s better than playing slots or bingo, but it’s worth giving it a chance. Unlike playing online bingo, which comes at no costs at all, this little piece must be paid for. However, many say that this is an easy game to learn, but hard to master. Also, although it is a great game indeed, soliciting your intelligence and  strategic thinking, besides live streaming their games, player don’t have another option to make a profit out of it. But for the sake of the game, it’s still a good one to consider.

3. Grand Theft Auto

Top Games to Play on your Computer3

Our top is closing with the widely known and anticipated GTA. If you want the adrenaline pumping, go for it. If you are more of a relaxed individual, you might want to skip this detailed interactive world, somehow bloody that all teenagers seem to enjoy. Without any doubts, this game is good. But we say it’s not for the sensitive type of players. Also, the player has to pay for it.

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