TomTom GPS for iPad

TomTom GPS for iPad TomTom GPS for iPad Picture
One of the possibilities that an iPad offers is the GPS. There is an application for iPad that offers the possibility to see maps on a 10’’ iPad display especially made for driving navigation.

TomTom have updated their GPS app for iPad with more functionality. We will present you some of the improvements that they put into the application in order to be much easier to use.

One of the inconvenient is the fact that the application will be no longer compatible with the iPhone 3G, so the owners of this type of iPhones will not be enjoying the application.

The display surface of the application has increased so you can see on full size the maps on your 10’’ screen iPad. Another cool functionality is that you can connect your iPad 2 through an iPhone to get GPS signal.

TomTom GPS for iPad TomTom GPS for iPad Picture

The new and improved TomTom iPad application has implemented a new system which helps you to see yourself driving on the map but also contains Advanced Lane Guidance at the same time. You will not have to worry where you are right now or in which direction to go next.

Knowing that roads are always changing, ruts can sometimes be blocked by different events, well this application has updated also this thing. For example the system contains these kind of stuff so you will know from the start which way to go.

It is easier to use this application on iPad not only because has many things improved than the anterior version, but it is much more comfortable to look at a bigger map, a map that tells you everything you need to know according to the destination you want to arrive.

TomTom GPS for iPad TomTom GPS for iPad Picture

Besides all these features the new application has a brand new interface that is easier to handle.

It seems like the new updated app from TomTom comes with fresh air on the market, it is faster and easier to use, something that you may not consider from the start. It surprise you and that is a good thing.

Navigation has become much more accessible with this updated TomTom app for iPad, you can choose a route, or switch with another one with just a tap, you can zoom the map very quickly, it is faster which is a good thing when you are driving, it helps you to take good decisions at the proper time.

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