The Weather Channel iPad

The Weather Channel iPad The Weather Channel iPad Picture
Talking about weather is an important subject of discuss because whether we like it or not the environment affects us every day.

Everybody talks about weather because when you have plans for the day rain or any other event can ruin them. Sometimes even when it is sunny you should keep an umbrella around you, but in most cases you don’t because the rain came much unexpected.

Now you do not have to worry about the weather any more. No, it has not been invented some amazing machine that delays rain, but with the new Weather Channel iPad app you will be aware of the weather every moment.

The Weather Channel iPad The Weather Channel iPad Picture

This app has been updated with a lot of pretty cool features which includes also some great animations.
When you want to see how the weather is in some place you will not see only the temperature, but also a background that describes the environment conditions. The images are really beautiful. They are also animated which is a really cool thing. This goes only for the iPad 2 devices.

The pictures of local places weather are HD and very impressive. You will have the feeling you are looking at some photo gallery not the weather conditions.

The Weather Channel also allows you to spin the world… yes metaphoric speaking. You can spin an interactive globe and pick a place where you want to know how the weather is.

You can enjoy your weather maps, which can also be customized, at full screen size.

The Weather Channel iPad The Weather Channel iPad Picture

Another cool feature of the Weather Channel app for iPad is that you can see the radar maps in-motion.
You can also enjoy from this app the latest news, you can upload photos of you.

One of the coolest things proposed by the Weather Channel is that you can receive footage of storm or any other phenomenon and breaking news videos of the places you are interested in.

The app can work also like an alarm that alerts you in case of storm in the places you have selected.
The updated made by the Weather Channel allows you to follow the meteorologists on the Twitter Channel.
Also important to mention about this application is that it has integrated Facebook, email and Twitter. You also can upload iWitness photos and videos directly from the iPad device.

And if it wasn’t enough already this application is available for free on the app stores. How crazy is that?

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