The hybrid approach – a new software development bespoke solution

When it comes to software solutions, any business is using them but each one has different needs. Companies often invest in specialised products in order to streamline, retrieve or even automate their processes, both for the front office and back office sectors. While sometimes, an off-the-shelve package of services may answer your demands, other times you need a product that can address a series of particular issues only your business is dealing with. As a consequence, you should consider talking to a specialist, explaining them your requests and asking for a bespoke solution in terms of software development. Fortunately, there are many dedicated firms providing this type of services, so you will definitely find a supplier to help you with your problems. A model that has become very popular lately, as it combines the advantages of existing and bespoke products, is the hybrid one.

The hybrid approach – a new software development bespoke solution

What is hybrid software development?

As its name says, the hybrid model is a rather new approach, which combines some of the most efficient features of the other two types of software solutions. While commercial products have been created for an extensive use and the custom approach offers a tailored strategy aimed to answer one need in particular, a hybrid result seems to be the most popular choice at the moment. This is due to the fact that it aims to provide multiple advantages for any kind of business and eliminate the drawbacks of the above mentioned alternatives. As far as its design is concerned, it is more similar to bespoke software, such as the solutions you will find if you visit The main focus of this type of software services is to eliminate the discrepancies between product’s features and business’ needs, while also being applicable to a wide variety of situations. This way, the approach has been implemented in order to satisfy a maximum number of clients, filling the gaps left by the two initial software options.

Which are the advantages of this software development model?

To begin with, the most relevant benefit of hybrid software solutions is time efficiency. The approach is much faster and easier to implement than the bespoke one, as it is not created from scratch and provides similar results. The business demanding it does not have to go through as many complex stages as if they had a product designed exclusively for it and this streamlines the process a lot. In addition to this, prices are actually affordable, given the fact that it allows companies to invest in an off-the-shelve product and pay only for the particular adjustments made to it. Another great advantage is its agility: new features and functions can be added on the way, as your business needs change, and the process is not dependent on the vendor’s will. As the customer, you have the possibility to enhance, add extensions or eliminate the features you no longer consider necessary. No more waiting for upgrades or re negotiating the partnership with your software development service provider.

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