Plopp HD iPad App

Plopp HD iPad App Plopp HD iPad App Picture
The Plopp HD game was developed by an independent iOS that comes from Switzerland. It is made for the iPad based on the earlier version that turned to be a real success for the iPhone.

The new version Plopp HD iPad apps is heard to be even more addicted than the anterior version made for the iPhone.

Analyzing the game we could not observe the quality and the design like its name says. We were nicely surprised by the opening of the game it has great HD graphics that look just awesome on the iPad. The interface is simple and clean but impresses by its design quality.

The game’s idea is simple colored numbered circles exploding on your iPad screen. The product does not take only your eyes but also your interest it becomes more and more addicted if we can say so, you will want to go further and further. Lucky for you the app has many levels but also four different game modes. Another thing that we like very much about Plopp HD app is that it changes the background every time you pass a level. We can say without exaggerating at all that the graphic and visual effects really mesmerize you and are almost hypnotic.

Plopp HD iPad App Plopp HD iPad App Picture

What can we say about the concept? Well the concept of the app is actually perfect for the iPad. It is simple to be played but also very interesting.

What are those plopps? The plopps are the white circles on your iPad that comes to you, or at least you have that impression. These circles contain numbers that represent the points you will earn by touching them. After you have touch one it will explode but the effect of the explosion will make another circles explode too. The colored wave also gets you other points. If you are not satisfied about this mode you are free to change it whenever you want because the application contains 4 modes which make the challenge even more exciting.

Plopp HD iPad App Plopp HD iPad App Picture

The Plopp HD app for iPad also contains special soundtrack that can be customized as you get on the next level of achievement.

Another cool feature that we like very much is that you can listen to the music from your own iTunes library.

The Plopp HD app for iPad is available on stores for just $1.99. We thing that it is a great affair for you.

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