OrganiDoc HD for iPad

OrganiDoc HD for iPad OrganiDoc HD for iPad Picture
One of the latest applications for iPad that allows you to see all your files is the OrganiDoc HD. It is just better than an USB Flash drive because it includes a lot of useful features.

One of the greatest things about this file-manager is that it is able to work with a lot of file types: PDF, Word Office, iWord, html files, doc files, even zipped files. Who does not want an application that can read all types of files, without having to install programs for each type of files?

With OrganiDoc HD this is possible and this is one of the things that make the difference between this app and another iPad productivity apps.

OrganiDoc HD for iPad OrganiDoc HD for iPad Picture

You can also open video and audio files which means that OrganiDoc HD includes also a media player that can also transform wmv and mpg files into mp4 and mp3 files. The application design consists in three sidebar sections that are very easy to navigate. They contain a document container, the media container and the photo container. You can add files to these containers. Another cool feature that this app has is that you can upload files on iTunes, or download if you want by selecting one of the containers where you have stored the respective file.

Interest thing about OrganiDoc ipad is that it has integrated many cloud storage services such as Google Docs, MobileMe iDisk, and many others. This operation is very easy to do and I like it very much, because with only one drag and drop you send file from this app and vice versa.

OrganiDoc HD for iPad OrganiDoc HD for iPad Picture

Moving on at the data storage part, this application can manipulate the permission of a file. If you do not want that any other person to open a file of yours well you have the possibility to put a password on that file. You have to be very careful to remember the password, otherwise neither you will not be able to open that file.

Another feature of this application represents the possibility to make a preview of a file. For example if you want to open a PDF file you can make a preview before opening to se if it contains what you are looking for.

Another features included: the data file transfer between the PC and the iPad, sorting option by name, size of type.

All in all the OrganiDoc HD app is a great document and multimedia manager for the iPad.

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