Methods to fix the LCD dead pixels

Sometimes on your LCD monitor could appear one or more disturbing dead pixels (black, white or colorful points which doesn’t integrate in the image). If there are more than 6 dead pixels the politics of the LCD screen producers says that you could ask them to change your monitor (if it is still in warranty).

Lcd dead pixels Lcd dead pixels picture

Usually, for example for a laptop, the LCD monitor is the most expensive component but also the component with the higher possibility for the appearance of imperfections as “dead pixels”. If there are only one or two dead pixels the producers won’t change the monitor but in 90% cases you could fix the dead pixel of your LCD by yourself. Follow the instructions bellow for fixing the dead pixels problem:

  1. Restart your monitor.
  2. Put some pressure on the dead pixel with the help of a cloth and a dull object. Be careful and don’t press on another parts of your LCD monitor as you could break other pixels.
  3. By the time you turn on the monitor remove the cloth and the dull object and the dead pixel should be already fixed.


Another methods to fix the dead pixel on your LCD monitor would be to rub it with one of your fingers or to use different programs or even movies which change during the runtime some images or colors quickly to unlock and fix the dead pixel. You should remember though that these methods are not guaranteed 100% to fix the problem of dead pixels.

Also you can visit Screen Fix site, this website would propose you a series of web based applications which help you to calibrate your LCD monitor by yourself to repair some display defects and even to fix the dead pixels.


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