Letter Jungle Children’s App

Letter Jungle Children’s App Letter Jungle Children’s App Picture
Children’s interest for technology is pretty big, they are not playing in the yard, they want to play electronic games they are very amazed by this new world they are discovering.

Some will consider that children are not allowed to play with the iPad, but you have to know that there are some educational games that your kid will really love. Nowadays, when every child learns how to use a PC and they see all their friends playing PC games, it’s almost impossible to forbid them to do this, so you might as well guide them towards an educational game.

Where do we put that he will also improve its manual skills because they will love to tap or to swipe.

Also when you have a kid in the family you definitely need to have two iPads, one for you and one for the kid.

What do we like about educational games is that the kid can learn new stuff like letters or new words but also playing at the same time.

Letter Jungle Children’s App Letter Jungle Children’s App Picture

We truly like to present you an educational game for iPad: Letter Jungle Children’s App. It has been designed by a German Educational Expert and it was just released on the US market.

The game offers the opportunity to kids in elementary school to have a lot of fun but also to learn basic knowledge about literacy. They will have to recognize words which will help them to develop their reading and writing competences.

The design of the application really will take the kids interest because looks just great on the iPad screen. Letter Jungle Children app can encourage your kid to discover by himself the pleasure of reading so it is really good in encouraging kids to read on their own.

Letter Jungle Children’s App Letter Jungle Children’s App Picture

Talking about the usage of the app, well Letter Jungle app has big buttons so kids will not have difficulties on finding them and memorable icons, which will develop the visual memory of the kid.
The design also includes 3D Graphics which we are sure that will impress both you and the kid and also real animal sound effects.

The story of the game is very interesting as well. The orangutans have stolen letters from words and hided into the jungle. The kid must help finding the missing letters but also steer it into its right position of the word. The kid will enjoy passing through the all nine levels of the game.

The Letter Jungle app is very positive and motivating for the kid because the main personage encourage the kid and also gives him tips, helping him to pass into the next level.

The application works just fine on every iDevice and the price is also very acceptable.

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