Leostream Connect iPad App

Leostream Connect is a new iPad app made by Leostream that allows you to work with a Microsoft desktops and application directly from your iPad.

Comparing this product with other desktop access applications, Leostream Connect does not require installing desktop hardware implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure. The access to your Windows desktops is made very easy using this application.

Using this application you can access the data you want directly from your iPad, and what motivated those from Leostream to develop such an application was the fact that iPads are very important now in educational and business domains, they increase the productivity because they are mobile, allows workers to access information wherever they go. This application eases the interaction between human and data information.


Everybody has option for iPads when it comes to long distances travels because they are much more efficient and occupy less space than a laptop. Now with your iPad you can connect to your home Windows desktops very easy and also quickly.

The fee to use this app is $20 monthly but it comes with no charges or long-term contract. With this fee you have free access to all your home desktops without carrying the laptop with you wherever you are going. It is simple and very practical. As you can see, technology is advancing at a very fast speed and keeping up with it can be quite challenging. There are a lot of apps and gadgets that most people don’t even know about but with the proper instructions, these apps can gadgets could make everyone’s life easier. In order to keep in touch with the latest tech news, we advise you to subscribe to a tech website like HcmDigital.Net. This is one of our favorite such websites because it features useful information for gadget lovers. Furthermore, the information featured on this website is very easy to understand in order to help anybody find the right devices or apps for their needs.

Leostream Connect is available also free 7 days trial so you experience the application and see how it works.


The login process has been made user-friendly mode so you not find difficulties on trying to connect with your computer. It is also secure because no one else can connect to your desktop but yourself. So you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Another features proposed by Leostream Connect application: you can connect to their Leostream Mobile Desktops. They also allow you to access their data and files wherever you are. It is very easy to use the Windows desktop from any of your iDevices but also you can run applications that are found on the desktop.

Another cool thing about this app is that allows you to view sites directly from your iPad. We have to mention that it works only for those sites that are using Adobe Flush Technology.

The transfer and access to the data has never been easier. Either you are on the bus, or a plane you still have access to your home Windows desktops and you can run also the applications from it. All thanks to Leostream Connect.

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