Innovation in technology – the levitating speaker

If you are somehow connected to the latest updates of technology, then you have definitely noticed the increasing popularity that floating speakers have been gaining lately. With their qualitative performance and extremely stylish look, these gadgets seem to have become that one product everyone must have as soon as possible. And since the holidays and sales season are right around the corner, people will rush to purchase levitating Bluetooth speakers in no time. The good news is there are plenty of items one can choose from, belonging to several manufacturers and having multiple features. In case you are also interested in buying one, you should visit, a specialized platform offering fair reviews and ratings of the most popular products available on the market. But before purchasing the device, read on to discover some of its particularities.

Innovation in technology – the levitating speaker


What is the levitation technology?

What is obvious about thee modern speaker is that they float, which makes them cooler than anything else currently available in dedicated stores. Of course, objects cannot simply levitate so the entire “show” is supported by an innovating technology. The levitating speaker is made of two separate parts that create a unitary product and create the illusion of floating. The base (which is the one you have to put on a flat surface) serves as a subwoofer, while the upper part (generally spherical or in an UFO form) is the one producing mid to high-end sounds. These two pieces are interconnected through the magnetic technology that has been previously used for other products by the company Levitation Arts.

Are floating speakers performing?

Although you may think people want to buy this product because it is a novelty and it also looks incredibly cool, you must know that this is not actually true. While it is obviously one of the most stylish gadgets you could own, rest assured the speaker will do its job flawlessly. Besides looking neat, the levitating technology can even improve the quality of sound, particularly due to the atop component. While with other gadgets that need to be placed on a plane surface, part of the sound is blocked, the floating speaker can produce and distribute noise without it being transferred to the objects touching it. What is more, as mentioned above, most such devices are round of spherical, which means it can deliver sound equally in the space surrounding it. In addition to this, another important feature is its strength: the speaker is powerful enough to play music for a chill party and its battery can last up to hours. This makes it perfect for short road trips and even outdoor spaces where you do not have access to a traditional energy source. Needless to say levitating speakers get extra points for style. No matter what manufacturer or model you choose, it will definitely come in a futuristic design and seamless look. Purchasing such a product will make you the cool member of your group of friends, so do not hesitate and order one right away.


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