How to Recover a Crashed Windows PC

One of the most common computer problems is the Widows crash which usually stats with a now famous blue windows screen also referred to as the blue screen of death. This problem occurs from different causes like an application crash that caused a conflict with some windows files or a missing windows file, a virus or even a hardware problem.

How to Recover a Crashed Windows PC How to Recover a Crashed Windows PC Picture

Although a problem like this is usually solved by just restarting the PC and simply choosing the option start windows normal option in the boot screen it might repeat it self and you might have to do a different operation.

Let’s assume first that you installed an application that is causing a conflict with some windows files and that that is why your PC is refusing to start. You will have to resolve it by removing the program but how to do that if your window crashes as soon as you chose the option to start t normally? Well you will have to do a simple task just select when prompted in the boot selection screen the option to start windows in safe mode.

By doing so the windows will load slower checking for problems while it loads and it will use a basic minimalist list of programs to power when it starts. This should allow you to go to the control panel option and from there you should be able to remove the program that you just installed that is causing the problem. After you’ve done this operation you should restart your PC and start windows normally. It should work. If it doesn’t then the problem can be either a virus or a missing system file or a hardware one.

We will try to check for viruses. We can do so by utilizing an antivirus program that we have on hand that can scan the PC from the booting screen. For this we need a antivirus program which supports this function that can be either on a CD, DVD or blue ray disk or a removable HDD or on a USB stick. Some Pc mother boards also have support for LAN operations. After the scan is complete you should be able to start your PC normally if the program detected a virus on your system and managed to solve your computer problem.

If this didn’t worked you can try the system recovery of windows which will require you to insert your windows installation disc in the specific drive. From here you will be able to select the recover option which will attempt to determine which files your window is missing and replace them. After the program finishes it’s job your computer problem should be fixed and your windows should run.

If you were a person that cared about his information stored on his PC you should then have a backup of all your files on some disks or on a storage device. You will be able to use that to do a complete recovery of your system and thus solve your windows crashed computer problem. If you don’t then that’s bad luck you will have to try and enter again the safe mode and make a backup of the files you need from your computer and then you can insert the windows installation software again follow the intuitive installation steps and format the hard drive and reinstall the windows altogether. If the windows still refuses to start giving you a blue screen you then have a more expensive problem since that might mean that either your computer components don’t match or that some of them are not working and you’ll have to test them one by one on a compatible system. If you don’t have such a spare testing pc on hand you can either ask your friends or just go to a specialized computer service.

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