How to Make Laptop Faster

Desktops and laptops are very different devices. They are like old cars and new cars. The old cars could be easily fixed by any handy men while the new cars require professional engineering assistance. This also applies to desktops and computers. If you own a desktop, you need to know that it is a lot harder to dissemble and fix than the classic desktops. Furthermore, the parts are more expensive and harder to mount. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to take your laptop to the service each time you have a little problem. People whose laptops start working very slow, often make the mistake of taking them to the service without putting any effort into fixing them themselves. Today, we are going to teach you how to make laptop faster with minimum effort and no expenses at all.

How to Make Laptop Faster Picture How to Make Laptop Faster Picture
  • 1. Basic cleanup

The most common elements which make laptops work slower are viruses. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is in order to learn how to make laptop faster is to upgrade your antivirus and do a full virus scan. Once your laptop is virus free, you might want to disable some useless elements.  For example, most of your laptop hardware is used everyday. However, there are certain hardware units that you rarely use such as the built in webcams, the DVD / CD ROMs (which are almost obsolete) or the Bluetooth radio. Even if you never use these hardware elements, they are constantly running thus making your laptop run slower. In order to get rid of such hardware, you must go to the Control Panel, choose the Device Manager window and disable any device which you don’t use. Fonts are another element which can slow down the start-up process of a laptop. You don’t have to delete the fonts that you don’t use. Just pick a few of the fonts that you are likely to use and hide the rest of the 200 or more useless fonts. You can do this by searching for “fonts” with the use of the Start Up Search function. Right click on the useless fonts and hide them. Another cleaning process which could make your laptop run faster involves uninstalling all unnecessary third party programs. Such programs are linked to other programs which you install and most of them are completely useless. Browse the Uninstall A Program List from the Control Panel and remove all unnecessary software.

  • 2. Faster booting process

In order to learn how to make laptop faster, you need to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the internal hard drive. It is essential to make sure that BIOS boots of the internal HDD first. Most laptops and notebooks are programed to boot off the optical disk drive first and then off other devices. In order to set your boot priorities right, go to the Boot menu and put the Internal hard Disk Drive on top of the priority list. You can also turn on the quick book option in order for the boot process to take less time. You can also shave a few seconds of the start-up process if you turn off the Graphical User Interface (the floating windows symbol). In order to do this type  “msconfig” in the search bar and go to the boot tab. Check for the No GUI Boot. Next time you will boot your laptop, it will display a black screen instead of the GUI symbol but it will load a little faster. In order to see what other elements are slowing down the booting process, you should familiarize yourself with the Even Viewer tool. You can find it in the Control Panel, in the System and Security tab, at the Administrative Tools. After you double click the Event Viewer, you will see a lot of folders on the left hand side, click on the arrow near the Applications and services logs, then click on Microsoft, next on Windows and then on Diagnostic Performance. Double click on the Operational option and sort the list according to the task category. If you find non essential programs such as Windows Live ID, disable or delay them.

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