How to Fix Software Bugs

First we will have to know how to identify the software bugs and what are they. Software bugs are errors that software gives when asked to do certain operations. Bugs can be of many types the most common are the visual bugs these are the type of software bugs that manifest themselves by graphical errors like blank spaces or spots of the screen which are filled with a chess table pattern. There are also software bugs that consist in sound misuse like say you start windows and instead of hearing the sound of the power on you hear the sound of windows powering off.

How to Fix Software Bugs How to Fix Software Bugs Picture

Software bugs can be found in all types of software form website building programs to video editing and gaming programs. Most common are the games bugs. As with any software bug that you encounter you should report it to the company that created that software. The only people that can really fix a bug are the programmers that can crack the code open and fix whatever software bugs that they can find. But in order to do so they will need to know exactly what to look for in the code else the fixing process will take to long. And that is exactly why big and small companies but mostly big ones have dedicated departments to beta testing. Testers stress out the program to its limit trying to find out what makes it break and where do the software bugs occur.

Fortunately not all software bugs are so unbearable as to shut down the application completely. Some software bugs might just be resolved by a simple application restart. Others might require a software update to fix the problem, this being the solution to the software bug reports you’ve issued to the producing company. The most updated software on your pc is probably the video drivers since those are the ones that present the most software bugs.

You can chose to reinstall the software that you find to be to buggy to use, and that might actually help. A common piece of software to be reinstalled in order to fix a bug is the operating system.

Also restoring is a good option for any piece of software that is bugged. The way to do so is easy enough to do even by a beginner. Windows vista and 7 can pop you the restore menu by just typing in the search box form the start menu with restore and pressing enter. From there on a few more clicks and you’re done.

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