How to Fix Computer Registry Problems

Everyone that uses a computer has noticed that after a few weeks of pc usage the computer starts to operate slower and it feels like he’s some kind of animal struggling to get out of a deep pit. This situation is usually triggered by registry problems. To fix this problem we will first have to find out what is this mysterious registry. In simple words this is a registry just as a physical one it stores information on the various files (items) that your pc has acquired. Exactly as the physical registry that gets harder to open and look trough the pc version does the same think slowing the access speed of the windows. The registry gets crowded not only by the files that are written in there and that are meant to stay there but also by the files that are deleted from it and still leave traces of their presence. In a regular registry you do this fix by ripping the pages with the crossed items out of it releasing tension and making it open faster. The same principle applies for a computer registry as well.

How to Fix Computer Registry Problems How to Fix Computer Registry Problems Picture

So let’s clean up our registry. This can be done either manually or automatically trough a registry cleaning program or trough a pc maintenance program that will be able fix your registry problems.

Let’s talk a bit about the manual registry cleaning method which is also the oldest method. While on the desktop click on the start button on the task bar then click run and type regedit then press enter. Now before we continue you should scroll down to the bottom and press export and type in a name for the file then press save. We can try and modify the registry now by deleting files from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE where most of the software and hardware changes are made.

The easier and most commonly used way of fixing the registry of a computer that has problems is done with a registry cleaner program. These types of programs do everything that you can do manually but they do it automatically quicker and safer since they won’t delete any keys from the files that are needed for your registry to keep your computer in perfectly working conditions. This program usually comes with a backup option and a defined list of files that they can safely remove from the registry. If the system becomes unstable you can always restore it from the backup.

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