How to Fix an Infected PC

Oh the joy of having to deal with an infected pc. How many times have you went trough this? So it is your first time? Oh well it was bound to happen to you sooner or later. I will try to guide you trough this painfully frustrating situation as good as I can. And since I have quite some experience with infected pc’s I will try to guide you and walk you trough a few steps that you should take in order to get rid of this infected pc problem.

How to Fix an Infected PC How to Fix an Infected PC Picture

Viruses, malware, spyware, all of these and any of these can be found on an infected pc and each of them can badly damage the functionality of your system. Some might just open popups on your screen driving you crazy while you try to close them down. Others might just duplicate a file on your system till your hard drive is full and the pc stops working. Others can make copies of files on your system and send them to different internet sites, thus bringing you a great deal of negative publicity. An infected pc will run considerably slower then a normal clean pc.

The worst think that can happen to you because of a Trojan worm which is a kind of virus is the fact that your usernames, passwords and personal data can and will be used to hack into your accounts such as bank account or social network account from where all kind of stuff can leak and place you in a bad light at times like trying to find a job etc.. Not to mention that some viruses use the hardware of the infected pc so much that these just break down.

Now that you know the risks of having an infected pc let’s clean it up. You can try to use an antivirus program, if you had one installed you should try to update it and use it to scan the pc. if that doesn’t work just boot up in safe mode and try to backup the files you definitely need on a cd/dvd disk or on a flash disk and then you can go ahead and format the hard drive of the infected pc and reinstall windows. That is the best solution to get read of a virus. It will disinfect all the bad stuff from your pc but at the same time it will also delete, erase everything else that you had stored on the hard drive of the pc in question, so make sure you make a backup before choosing this option.

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