How to Fix a PC to Have Full Protection

In order to fix a pc with a good antivirus system in such a manner to give him a full protection is as hard as making a human immune to all the microbes, parasites and stimulus. Yes it is not impossible. You can after all dress a human in an environmentally sealed suit and that person will be able to work like that for a period of time but, that will not be practical at all, trying to go to the toilet without removing the suit will be impossible. The same can be done to a pc.

How to Fix a PC to Have Full Protection How to Fix a PC to Have Full Protection Picture

You could fix a pc to be fully protected against viruses and such programs by removing it’s connection to the internet and to any network, and by removing any input device that is CD/DVD/Blue Ray/floppy disk and this includes the keyboard and the mouse. As you can clearly see none of these options is remotely acceptable nor for a human and nor for a computer. So we’re left with the everlasting question on how to fix a pc to have it fully protected. Luckily, there are numerous PC solutions and lots of information you can find on the internet to help you protect your privacy and personal information.

If you want the strait answer you can’t have anything fully protected. But you can fix a pc by adding all kind of protection to it first you should make sure that no one except you can access your pc directly except you. And no running with the keyboard or with the powerfully cable every day is not a good and valid solution. An elegant solution would be to utilize a password in order to protect your system. Password is not a good password by far… It is better to chose a password with random letters numbers and special characters in it.

If you want to have a good password it should have at least 10 characters. Once that is sorted out go ahead and install a good antivirus program and an firewall. Once that is done you should configure the firewall by telling him trough which ports you can be accessed from the internet and trough which you can access the internet or the network for that matter.

If your antivirus software doesn’t come with an anti spyware component then you should install a separate program with these specific purpose. The antivirus should be like the anti spyware program with a passive component, on demand scans and cleans and an active component which will scan for any fishy activity it might happen when you surf the internet and be able to fix a pc in 3 moves and two clicks.

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