How to Fix a Laptop’s Lag

Your home away from home, your work away from work it can all be done with the use of a laptop but it all stops when your laptop starts hiccuping. So you will find yourself in the position to have to fix the laptop’s lag. One may expect such a device to lag since it is such a complicated one and has to keep up with his desktop competitor. Most of the laptop lags issues are attributed to poor cooling solutions.

How to Fix a Laptop's Lag How to Fix a Laptop's Lag Picture

The way to fix laptop’s lag issues is similar to the way of fixing the same problem on a desktop pc. The fist step you should take would be to run the windows programs for maintenance, which can be found in the program files and can easily be accessed trough the start menu. First run the disk cleanup program since this is the one with the most obvious way to follow in order to achieve a fix for your laptop’s lag. You can continue to try and fix the laptop’s lag by running the disk defrags program and a registry cleaning program.

The disk defrag program that windows offers might not always give the results you might expect so we recommend the use of an additional special program to fix this issue. Also remember to update your drivers starting from bios and ending up to your sound drivers. If this still doesn’t fix your laptop’s lag you should try running an antivirus program maybe your laptop got some nasty stuff from the internet or by interacting with some infected media material.

But the easiest way to fix laptop’s lag is to get it some better cooling. This can be done from bios by making him fans of the laptop work faster and more time or by adding an external cooling device. Such a device can easily fix your laptop’s lag since it is used like a support for your laptop by both rising and cooling it while supporting it.

Such a device is necessary even if the pc keeps lagging since it will allow you to upgrade your laptop’s components without the risk of overheating. You will be able to upgrade the ram of your laptop with ease, by raising its capacity. Another common issue for a laptop is the lag caused by an old hard drive or a trashed one. In order to fix the laptop’s lag issue caused by a bad hard drive you can use different software which may or may not work, or you could buy a new one to fix your laptop’s lag issue.

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