How to Fix a Freezing PC

Every one hates it when he is the unlucky one to experience a freezing pc problem on his own and it is rather frustrating to have to endure the mood of a freezing pc especially when you are working on a project and you haven’t saved in a while or when you’re writing a cd/dvd and your pc keeps freezing. No one likes to waste time or throw out tons of cd’s or dvd’s just because their freezing pc keeps working under his own terms.

How to Fix a Freezing PC How to Fix a Freezing PC Picture

The fix I will try to apply first if this where to happen to me would be to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and get the control panel to pop up and look for the process that eats the most processing power out of the processor. Once I established which one dose so I will either chose to terminate the process or leave it running depending on which one it is let’s say it is the program with which I’m trying to write the dvd/cd then in that case I would actually try to allocate even more resources to that process by right clicking it and choosing set priority above normal. If the program is let’s say my antivirus program I would chose to end the process since it would mean that it just decided to do a routine scan of my pc and since it did so at the same time while the pc was trying to write a cd/dvd the freezing pc problems keep turning up.

This fix for your freezing pc problem is only a temporal one in order to permanently fix this issue we will have to run an antivirus program to make sure we have no viruses also a registry cleaning program should be used as well, and since you’re at it you might want to do a disc defragmenting program and a temporary files cleanup. If you did all this and there is still no change in your pc behavior and you still get freezing pc issues then it means that you really have to take your pc and draw it to a pit stop.

Your pc just doesn’t have enough juice to handle the programs that you make it run so it obviously needs a hardware upgrade since the software tweaks you tried on it didn’t gave good results at all. The cheapest way to speed up your pc is to get it some more access memory, if this doesn’t work you will have to upgrade it’s processor and you will soon forget about your freezing pc problems.

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