How to Fix a Computer

So you just got your first computer and now you started it and it doesn’t work. The first think most people do is panic and do stupid thinks like calling the police. Hence if you really want to call someone don’t call the police they will only help you by giving you a fine for asking help to the wrong people and for wasting their time. You can call the shop that sold you the computer if you want they will have to help you, but instead of disturbing anyone without good reason you should calm down and make a few observations, observations that you will have to make anyway in order to be ale to answer the questions that you will have to answer to the person to which you will talk in case you decide to call the shop from where you bought it from.

How to fix a computer How to fix a computer Picture

So let’s begin our first and most important step in our search for the computer fix. First let’s see if we have attached all the cables correctly to the pc, monitor, internet, power supply, speakers and microphone. If all this is connected properly you should check one bore think before you try to power up your pc. Check if the oversupply of your pc usually situated in the pc case at the back either on the top side or on the bottom is set to the right voltage and is turned on. If all is good then you should confidently press the power button on your pc and this should start.

If your pc starts but you can’t see anything other then the boot screen and nothing happens after it means that you don’t have an operating system installed so you should check your recipe to see if you bought the computer with an operating system or not. If you didn’t and you don’t have it installed but you have the disk in the bag you got from the shop you can either call the shop and they will help you install the operating system if they are nice or they will just tell you to call the customer support line of Microsoft. But if you read this carefully you can do it yourself if you don’t already know what to do. So first insert the disk into your DVD unit of your computer and in a few moves you’ll manage to fix your computer problem. Just follow the simple install program and you’ll be done in a few minutes.

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