How to Do Computer Tech Support

If you like helping people and you have some knowledge about computers then you might be able to become a good tech support. The most important aspect of a conversation between a tech support person and a customer is the tone of the voice, then the accuracy of the information that the computer tech support is giving. Whenever you answer the phone you will have to be able to asses the problem that the client is trying to describe and to act accordingly, trying to ensure an easy process of assistance.

How to Do Computer Tech Support How to Do Computer Tech Support Picture

There are a few questions that have now become standard in every tech support operator vocabulary. Questions like can I have your name please? Or something like we require your contract number in order to proceed, will you be so kind to give them to us? And the inevitable question Have you restarted the rooter? As a tech support operator you should not keep the client on the line for more then 30 seconds.

Make sure that you are talking with an actual tech support person else this person might ask you for confidential information and then he might do unwanted stuff with your info. A giveaway for these supposed computer tech support givers is the fact that they either don’t present themselves with their name at all or they don’t know for which company they are suppose to say they work for.

Every company that is recruiting workers for their tech support services, recruit young persons with opened minds that have an inclination on talking with others in a helpful manner. Yes these persons don’t necessarily have to be prepared in any IT field. They just have to know how to communicate well and to be cordial. Every new recruit will be passing trough an interview which will test their abilities of understanding and persuasion.

This is only part of the first step of the recruiting process the next step will be consisting in a series of trainings, training that will allow even the most slow person to take a glimpse at the wonderful world of technology and by the end of the training season he will be able to accurately give you the answer that you need in order to feel safe in regard to your computer security. Remember a tech support service worker will never ask you for any password or for any other personal information that are not related to your contract.

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