Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad

Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Picture
For those who are interested to use the internet from your iPad should know that a new browser has appeared on the market.

It is called Dolphin HD and it was developed alongside the Safari browser. One of the differences between these two browsers designed for the iPad is that Safari has a weak point that is the lack of tabs. Dolphin HD stays pretty good at this chapter. It can work with a lot of pages at the same time it is easy to bookmark a page or to open a new tab if you need it.

What we like about this new browser app for iPad is one new feature that allows you to zoom the page, it will be at full screen size in order not to be distracted by all the bars. You can easily move from the full screen option back to the normal. Dolphin’s features include also a cool tool that makes the impression that you are looking at a magazine. It is also for you to reed in this way. Reading from an electronic book always has been a difficult thing to do but now with this new app for iPad you can enjoy reading pages.

Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Picture

One of the biggest advantages of this application is the fact that it is so easy to work with. It is very pleasant to change pages or to navigate from a tab to another.

You have to swipe left or right to see your history pages or the ones that you have bookmarked. It was hard to tell what the weak point of Dolphin could be, but after analyzing a little we definitely have to put this one on the disadvantages’ side. The time needed to see the history or bookmarks is much longer that we had expected at first. But it can be done in the future. A Dolphin update is expected from this point of view.

Comparing Dolphin HD with Safari we must say that Safari has things to improve in order to catch up. Dolphin HD app for iPad is pretty solid, it has a lot of good features that makes the browsing on internet very quickly and easy to do. Safari will definitely have an amazing comeback, it will take care of the things that may not be working as expected at Dolphin app, but until then Dolphin HD stays on top.

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