Could we fix HDD bad sectors?

There are two types of HDD bad sectors: physical bad sectors and logical bad sectors. The physical bad sectors can occur because of a HDD hit. Due to the very short distance between the reading bracket and its planets, at a stronger impact this touch the plane and can cause scratches on the plane’s surface. The logical bad sectors are common at the image’s level or rather at the controller’s level which control the reading bracket’s movements.

Fix hdd bad sectors Fix hdd bad sectors picture

Usually, the logical bad sectors on HDD can be fixed but the physical bad sectors can’t be fixed, they are permanent as that you will have to buy a new hard drive (because damaged sectors are usually a warning sign that the HDD will fail).

For fixing the logical bad sectors on your HDD you can try “Hiren’s Boot CD”, a software suite which contains also the HDD Breeder. You can find and download this program from Google and shoot it on a CD than make the CD bootable. The CD has to be introduced in the optical drive than the PC will be restarted, you’ll enter the bios and set to be boot on the CDROM. The twelfth version of this utility contains also a help document where are explained each functions of the programs.

You could also isolate the bad sectors (to exclude them from the partition thus that the HDD won’t read it anymore) or mark them as unusable but you’ll take the risk that these bad sectors will expand. If you have only one damaged sector there could be yet hopes.

Also, once you’ve noticed bad sectors on your HDD try to backup all damaged files (it could be pictures, links, documents or anything you’ve downloaded from the internet) otherwise you could loss your data. Don’t add any new data and don’t make any changes to the setups until the situation is resolved.


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