Cloud-Word App for iPad

Cloud-Word App for iPad Cloud-Word App for iPad Picture
For those who do not know exactly what an iPad is I will start by enumerate some of its features: among others the iPad can browse the Internet or through a wireless network for Wi-Fi (WLAN) or cellular 3G mobile phones such as UMTS. It can be used to e-mail.  Other purposes for which iPad was designed are: visualization of various media files (photos, videos, music, maps, electronic books, etc.), games and create simple stories published by media invoice and /or Internet.

An application for iPad just has released some updates that are pretty interesting to watch. This application does not have a randomly chosen name Cloud-Word because the interface is based on clouds. From this point of view the application has an awesome design, but not that kind of design that is difficult to understand and to use, it is very accessible from this point of view, everybody can use it.
After analyzing the graphic design let’s move on to the “what this application can do?” part.

Cloud-Word App for iPad Cloud-Word App for iPad Picture

Cloud-Word represents a text editor created especially for iPads which pretty much include all the features that a text editor should have. Choosing from the menu the WorkBook, there is a big work space ready to be used. One of the coolest thing that this app can do is the fact that you can select any word you want and change for example its dimension, its color, make it bold etc. Also you can change the background color of the page if that is what you want to do.

One of the great things that this app has is the glossary. You can take notes and also put references to the text. It is very easy to do. The Cloud-Word helps you also with words. It helps you find the right word that best fits in the context, helping you with the inspiration.

Cloud-Word App for iPad Cloud-Word App for iPad Picture

The menu with all the options is design in a manner which is very practical because you do not have to search a lot for an option that you want. For more information and reviews of the Cloud-Word App, and for even more apps like these, check out and stay in touch with all the latest mobile apps and gadgets.

The e-mail option is very easy to access, you just have to select the cloud and then the option. Another cool thing about Cloud-Word is that allows you to make audio-records.

If you do not handle with the use of the app it also contains a help menu where you can find a lot of information about anything you need.

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