Client management app for hair salons vs. traditional scheduling

Although traditionally in hair salons are used scheduling books for keeping track of clients and appointments, some recent innovations make the entire process of managing less challenging. With great features, these apps can be used for managing appointments, stocks and clients without becoming overwhelmed by them. For finding out what benefits a salon scheduling app might have, you can continue reading below.

Client management app for hair salons vs traditional scheduling

1. Working flawlessly on all operating systems

Online applications of this kind have the great advantage of functioning perfectly on all operating systems and devices available out there. Easy access makes it possible for hair salon managers to deal with appointments, rescheduling and scheduling in a more efficient manner, without being restrained by a series of external conditions, such as their location. Because it can be used on desktop or smartphone equally as easy, it provides managers more flexibility.

2. Always be up to date with your stocks

Traditionally, stocks and inventory are managed with difficulty, especially if you want to have easy access to detailed information on a variety of products. However, these apps have stunning features, and give hair salon managers the possibility of sorting stock items by “Low”, “Stock”, “Ordered” “Discontinued”, without tremendous efforts for finding out what needs to be ordered. Also, you have easy access to the number of products of the same kind you have in each category, making contact with suppliers and the ordering process easier than previously.

3. Superior client management features

Keeping track of all your clients and appointments is sometimes a dread when using traditional methods. On the other hand, by using intelligent applications, managers can constantly keep track of scheduled clients, inactive ones or unscheduled. By having access to all their data and information, contact becomes easier as well, and many apps providing even newsletters for keeping clients up to date with a variety of offers salons might have. This might be seen as a free marketing feature managers have included in their app.

4. Back up services for your data’s security

If something happens to a traditional appointment book, chances of recovering the data are slim to none. However, these apps backup precious information daily and you don’t have to worry about accidents or unpleasant moments of this kind. By simply switching to online management applications, hair salon managers can regain their peace of mind without compromising anything. More than that, hair salon managers can fully take advantage of them and make them work to their profit.

5. Positive impact on clients

Because you can store information on every client entering your salon, you can personalize their experience so they have an enjoyable time with your personnel. For example, besides their appointment history, you can store pieces of information such as favorite topics, hair colors and hairstyles your clients might have. All these lead to positive feedback, and an increased number of clients.

When comparing the two alternatives of managing a hair salon, with noticeable more benefits comes an intuitive application. Without hesitation, we do recommend those having a hard time with their business invest in such a product.   

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