Business design tips for envelopes that promote brand identity

Nowadays emails are the standard mean people use when they need to communicate. But as a business manager, there are still occasions when you have to send printed letters to your clients and partners. In a digital-saturated age, it will look professional and caring to send letters to people, because they will understand that you focused your attention to create them. However, envelopes come in a wide variety of layouts and styles, so if you want to create brand awareness with their help, you should invest time in designing a unique one, representative for your company. It is recommended to collaborate with a custom envelope printing Singapore company, because they have experience in this type of projects. If you want to design business envelopes, representative for your brand, here are some tips that will help you.

Business design tips for envelopes that promote brand identity 4 bar paper-bag envelope. Custom-made stamp. Blog post:

Opt for simple shapes

When looking at a piece of paper, you may have the tendency to go for a black version, if you want to design a business envelope. This is not a wrong choice, because the envelope has to be thicker, and it does not have to impress with its design, the content is the important one. But you have to make sure that you choose a professional model, because it is important to not distract the reader from the content. Nowadays businesses opt for minimal designs when it comes to envelopes. If you want to add a splash of color or style to the envelope, you should opt for some geometric shapes. In case you already have a logo, you should include it in the design of the envelope, if not you can take a simple geometric form as a triangle and repeat it across the bottom of the paper.

Apply a strong brand design

Before starting to create the envelope, you should make sure that you have some brand elements established. Decide the brand colors and the logo, because they represent your company. If you do not have a logo, you should choose something simple that includes the name of your business. A simple and quick way to create the logo is to write the name of your company and to set it in handwritten form. In this way, you give it an instant personal touch. Once you have the logo, you should highlight it with a pair of colors that complement each other. Go for something stylish and simple, as black and yellow or black and grey.

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