Air Display iPad App

A frequent problem working with laptops is that it would be very useful to work with a second monitor. Once you have tried the second monitor it is been told you will never come back to using just one.

The problem is now solved by the Air Display iPad app. It just turns your iPad into an extra monitor with the use of Wi-Fi. This app comes from Avatron Software which just updated this application adding some pretty cool features.

Air Display iPad App Air Display iPad App Picture

We have to mention that this application does not work on any system, only for Mac which is a really good thing for Mac’s fans.

To use the application you have to download two things: the iPad app and the Air Display desktop iPad app. Once the app is installed, on your Mac will appear a system preference pane that is controlled by a menu item. The connection with the iPad is made through Wi-Fi or through an ad-hoc network.

One of the problems of this app may be the fact that Air Display iPad app is a little slow moving between the displays. Also when you are on the second screen you will observe some delays but there is nothing that can be very disturbing.

Air Display iPad App Air Display iPad App Picture

What is really cool about this app is that allows you to watch Flash video from the iPad but we have to mention that the quality is not as good as it is on the Mac.

Another great thing about the Air Display iPad app is that the mouse is working just fine on the second monitor, its performance is as we expected to be, it is also very smooth refreshing the screen. The mouse capacities are very good, it is quickly and easy to use.

One of the problems of the anterior version of this app was the fact that it took very long to move from the landscape image of desktop to portrait format. Both modes have been updated so this is not a problem anymore you can switch the modes between each other very quickly. The initial bugs had been resolved so you can enjoy the second monitor as you like.

The app is really useful especially when you are on the road and you need to increase your productivity.

All in all it is a great application that allows you to work on two monitors but there are some things that Air Display app for iPad will definitely improve.

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